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Nothing says “it’s the holidays” quite like a creamy cup of eggnog or a mug of spiced apple cider. But drinking too many of these festive beverages can leave you looking like Santa. Calories in Holiday Beverages Before you reach for that glass of cheer, take note: fancy beverages are often loaded with calories, fat […]

After giving birth last fall, one of the first questions I had for my midwife was, “When can I exercise again?” I ran until I was 7 months pregnant, when I had to hang up my running shoes due to health concerns. So I couldn’t wait to get moving again. (Information on keeping a safe […]

Like many consumers, I have a goal when I enter the grocery store: buy healthy foods without breaking the bank. For the most part, choosing nutritious foods is easy. I stock up on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and nonfat dairy products. But there is one gray area: organic. Organic foods often cost a […]

If you’re in the market for a challenging workout, or a cyclist looking for a way to escape Mother Nature’s bad days, indoor cycling may be for you. Group indoor cycling, or “spinning,” is a fast-paced workout on a stationary bike led by a fitness instructor. This popular fitness trend has stood the test of […]

These days, it’s normal to work long hours and feel constantly strapped for time. So it’s no wonder so many of us hit the drive-thru for dinner. However, most fast food meals are lacking in the nutrition department. With proper planning, it is possible serve healthy, satisfying meals at home in a matter of minutes. Healthy […]

Like many athletes, I spend each winter counting down the days until spring. I am not a fan of running or biking in the cold, so the warm weather is always a nice welcome. But before too long, summer comes — and I’m complaining about the heat! Exercising in the summer is more than just uncomfortable. It […]

As a runner, I look forward to fall because it’s race season. I train hard throughout spring and summer so I’ll be in peak condition once autumn rolls around. But that doesn’t mean take it easy all winter. If you’re also a runner – or a cyclist, tennis player or ice hockey player – you may not […]