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Ask Coach Jenny Q: How do you find your ‘marathon pace’ or ‘race pace’ (5k, 10K pace)? I know my usual pace for training runs, and have done a couple of half-marathons, but I’m not sure what is meant by those terms for training purposes?  ~Pam A: There’s nothing more confusing than to be a […]

Ask Coach Jenny  Q: I struggle this time of year to get in my workouts and I’m limited to the treadmill. Do you have any suggested workouts for the time-crunched runner?  ~Jessica A: Hi, Jessica. You’re not alone. In fact, this time of year is when activity falls by the wayside in lieu of parties, […]

Ask Coach Jenny Q: How do I start training for a marathon if I’ve never done running before? – Jordana A: Hi Jordana (pretty name btw). There are a lot of ways to train up for a marathon, but most only focus on the physical aspects. When going from the couch to the marathon, your […]

Ask Coach Jenny Q: How do I recover after short and long races – 5K to marathon?  ~Jeff A: Great question, Jeff! The short, sweet, tweet-sized answer is – invest one day for every mile in the race. Although this is very general, it can work in keeping things simple. So, the shorter the race, […]

Ask Coach Jenny  Q: How come some days I feel like I can run forever and then other days I feel like I can barely make a few miles? ~Andrea  A: That’s a great question, Andrea. There are many reasons that contribute to the highs and lows, and one of the most significant is how you […]

Ask Coach Jenny Q: How can I continue to run safely through my pregnancy?  ~Elisabeth A: Best wishes to you, Elisabeth, on your pregnancy. It sounds as if you’ve been running regularly, which is great because most doctors encourage women to continue their exercise routines through the pregnancy with modifications to effort levels along the […]

Ask Coach Jenny Q: I have been unable to run for several months due to illness and injury. What are your recommendations for getting back into running? ~Linda A: Hi, Linda. I’m happy to hear you’re feeling better. Although it can be tempting to jump back in to your running program where you left off before the […]