The Horizon Fitness experts have answered a lot of great questions over the years, ranging from how to clean smelly workout clothes to incorporating more strength into fitness routines. They’ve helped new moms wanting to return to fitness after giving birth, to advanced runners looking to improve their half marathon time.

Do you have a fitness-related question for Coach Jenny Hadfield, Joli Guenther or Ken Grall? Leave a message in the comments or visit the Horizon Fitness Facebook page and they will answer it in an upcoming edition of Ask an Expert.

Here are a few of our most popular questions–and answers!

What is the best way to start running? I’ve tried and failed so many times and find it painful! (Read: How to Start Running)

As a new mom, there are days I can barely get a shower, let alone eat right and exercise. Do you have any tricks to help me lose the baby weight, while still caring for my newborn? (Read: Fitness for New Moms)

At the beginning of every year I hit the ground running, only to struggle with my workouts a few weeks later. Do you have any tips on staying motivated through the winter? (Read: Staying Motivated)

Help! I recently rewarded myself with some new workout gear for sticking to my training plan and they’re already getting stinky! Do you have any advice on the best way to wash workout clothes to keep them smelling fresh? (Read: Best Way to Wash Workout Clothes)



I’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits of planking lately, but it intimidates me. Can you share some tips on how to ease my way into the exercise and different variations to get started? (Read: Planking Basics)

I’m looking for lower-impact ways to get my training in. Does riding my stationary bike for one hour at a medium level have the same cardio benefits as jogging for 4 miles at 12-minute miles? (Read: Running vs. Cycling)

I know I should incorporate more strength training into my exercise routine. Is it better to do it before or after my cardio activity? (Read: Best Time to Strength Train)

I’m a relatively new runner (I only run about 10 miles per week). How often should I be changing out my running shoes? (Read: How Often to Replace Running Shoes)

I’m going to be traveling a lot with the family this summer. What are some healthy foods and snacks I can pack during our family road trips? (Read: Healthy Road Trip Snacks)

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