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Johnson Fitness & Wellness offers retail showrooms in every corner of the country, with each location staffed by certified fitness advocates dedicated to inspiring personal wellbeing at all ages and stages of life. From small steps to giant leaps, we’ll help you reach your healthy goals with quality fitness equipment and the very best guided wellness experience.

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What You Can Expect

Something around the fitness experts in the store, educating the customer, finding what equipment is right for them type-of-thing. And a bit about the post-sale/non-selling experience – we’re always here, whether it’s the sales associate, blog articles, in-store/local community events, etc.

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We put thousands of expert-authored articles at your fingertips, covering every aspect of fitness and wellness. Whether you’re striving to lose a few pounds, rehab an injury, get in game shape or simply stay young longer, you can tap into all the essential tips and tricks here.

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With the consolidation of four industry-leading retail organizations, the world of fitness and wellness just changed forever. Owned by a worldwide fitness leader with over 40 years of industry experience, Johnson Fitness & Wellness can help you achieve your healthy goals no matter who you are or where you live. While our name may be changing, our commitment to a great customer experience remains the same. All stores are open throughout the brand transition and our Certified Fitness Consultants are available to help you start your journey today.