Essential safety gear for runners

Whether you’re exercising in darkness or sunlight, with a friend or alone, it’s wise to invest in pieces of essential safety gear that will keep you safe for miles to come. Here are four of my top picks:
Runner’s ID. Exercising with identification is not only smart, it’s a new accessory. Gone are the days of having to carry a driver’s license on the run, now you can wear it as a necklace, on your shoe, wrist, or ankle for convenience and visibility. Companies like Road ID or 1BandID offer a variety of colors and styles and allows you to create a wearable ID with personalized information including name, emergency contact, medications, health issues and more.
Reflective gear and flashy lights. The most important rule to remember for exercising in the darkness is to wear bright, reflective clothing and gear so you are seen by oncoming traffic. The fitness industry has made it easier than ever before by including reflective materials in tops, pants, jackets, hats, gloves, shoes, and accessories like hydration systems. For extra reflectivity, add a reflective vest made for the sole purpose of reflectivity. For a more proactive approach add a front and back flashy light to your head or chest.
Safety apps. With the advent of apps in our world, you know there has to be an app geared for a exercise safety. The company bSafe makes it easy to signal for help in a dangerous situation with a one-button push that turns your phone into a siren, while also altering the authorities, informing your chosen contacts of your location via GPS and taking video. Road ID’s new app is a great compliment to it’s hardware mentioned above and includes eCrumb Tracking (electronic breadcrumbs), and allows your friends and family to track you in real time, on a map, when you head outdoors. It also has an optional Stationary Alert that can notify select contacts if you stop moving for more than 5 minutes.
Pepper spray.   In addition to learning self defense movements, carrying pepper spray can be an additional asset in times of danger with humans or animals. Personal Savers Pepper Spray is a portable spray that is revolutionizing the way you protect yourself while exercising. It comes in three styles: the Wrist Saver for your runs, the Cycle Saver that clips onto your bars and the Personal Saver that clips onto your belt or car visor or you can use as a key chain.  The Personal Savers hold a 0.5 ounce bottle of pepper spray with the hottest formula available. The lightweight holders is designed to be able to easily twist the safety lock and spray the offender without removing it from the case or your arm.

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