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Esther Chun

Healthy Lifestyle Millenial

  • Casual exerciser with an active lifestyle
  • Enjoy doing a mixture of cardio and strength
  • Probably have tried a fitness class at least once
  • Finished one half marathon
  • My fitness routine is ever-evolving

Typical Workout

If I had to describe my workout routine, I would say that it’s a work in progress. I like to keep things different and interesting, so my fitness routine rarely looks the same everyday. I’ve tried a lot of different fitness classes (barre, yoga, boxing, pilates, etc.) and I like to dabble in rock climbing. My main goal is to incorporate an active lifestyle into my daily routine. Sometimes that looks like doing strength training with some free weights, other times it’s trying to break a sweat on the treadmill.

When the weather is super nice I like to run outside, but I have finicky ankles, so the cushioned deck on a treadmill is a lot easier on my body. My strength routine is still getting refined – this is a fairly new addition! I like to try out all of the different options, from kettlebells to dumbbells to the Olympic bar.

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5-7 Days/Week.


45-48 Minute Workouts.


Mid-range Intensity.