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Inner Balance Jin Massage Chair Review

by Shane Munson

This Inner Balance Jin Massage Chair is a fantastic value! This chair is the most affordable full size chair in our line up. It packs a lot of features in the cost. An extremely similar chair by the competition will cost much more. This is a 2D “L track” design which means it starts at the neck and goes all the way down below the users rear end (which is a little different but everyone loves it).

The chair is able to go into a zero gravity position which takes stress off of the spine and is extremely comfortable! The foot and calf massage is a great benefit. There are air bags all over the chair for more than adequate compression massage.

This chair absolutely gives you the most quality for the dollar compared to the competition!

Inner Balance Jin Massage Chair

Inner Balance Jin Massage Chair

Ease of Use

10.0 /10

Neck & Shoulder Massage

8.0 /10

Lumbar Massage

8.0 /10

Compression Massage

8.0 /10

Foot & Calf Massage

10.0 /10


  • Fantastic value for the money!
  • Very user friendly remote
  • Zero Gravity Massages Available
  • Foot and Calf rollers for under $4000
  • Adjustable shoulder compression for all heights of users.


  • Can't pinpoint areas as well as a 4D chair

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