J Fitzmaurice

J Fitzmaurice, Johnson Fitness & Wellness in Wilmington, DE
J Fitzmaurice

J Fitzmaurice

Athletic Generation X

  • Experienced Store Manager & Fitness Equipment Consultant
  • Former Division 2 Collegiate Soccer Player
  • Outdoor Fitness Enthusiast

Typical Workout

I typically enjoy 2 types of cardio workouts. One is a long slow moderate cardio typically lasting 45 min. and the other is an interval workout lasting no longer than 20 minutes. I enjoy using the Sprint 8 program that is offered on Matrix equipment which consists of 8 high intensity segments lasting 30 secs each segment followed by 1:30 rest. This kicks my butt and helps to keep me in cardiovascular shape.

Also, I will incorporate strength training in 3-5 time per week.

I enjoy playing any sport. As long as it’s fun and competitive I’m excited to participate.

I enjoy exercising outside as much as possible with my family. We’ll bike, hike and explore local trails and parks.

I enjoying teaching my kids the importance of activity, being apart of a team or group and watching them develop and succeed.

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5-7 Days/Week.


40-42 Minute Workouts.


High Intensity.