Nick Gregory

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Nick Gregory - Fitness Equipment & Billiards Expert

Nick Gregory

Fitness Enthusiast Millenial
  • Plant Based Nutrition
  • Power-Builder
  • Photographer
  • Passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals
  • Home Gym owner

Typical Workout

I warm up with Foam Rolling, Yoga and a few additional Stretches.

Then start off working up in weight on Heavy Compound Movements for 5/3/1 Reps.

After that, I switch gears to a Hypertrophy Focus.

Fluctuating between 12,10 & 8 reps for the Bodybuilding portion.

I mix in Unilateral movements first (for Muscular Symmetry), then incorporate Antagonistic or Complementary Super-sets.

Giant Sets as finishers, but will also wrap things up with cardio depending on the workout.

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4-5 Days/Week.


60 Minute Workouts.


Very High Intensity.