Paul Maggiotto

Paul Maggiotto, CT & NY Fitness Store Manager, Johnson Fitness & Wellness
Paul Maggiotto

Paul Maggiotto

Athletic Millenial

  • Experienced Fitness Consultant
  • Trail Runner
  • Heart Rate Training Expert

Typical Workout

My cardio workouts tend to happen either first thing in the morning if it is my day off or if I am working I will do them after I get home. I prefer to run outside when possible, however if weather is an issue I will do my cardio workout on a treadmill (I use the Landice L7). I always warm up for at least 5 minutes then follow it with a steady pace of around 8mph for the duration thereafter, switching speeds only if my heart rate drops lower than 80% for more than 30 seconds.

As far as strength training, I prefer to do body weight training. I do a regiment of pushups, pullups, and situps 5 days a week. This regiment consists of a tiered system where I will start between 1-5 and count up from there, pausing 15 seconds after each set and then working my way backwards to 1 again.

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4-5 Days/Week.


40-42 Minute Workouts.


High Intensity.