Using an iPod or iPhone with your new Vision Fitness® console can open a whole variety of features you wouldn’t expect from a piece of fitness equipment!

The new Vision Touch console is able to transfer the audio and video from an iPod or iPhone through the iPod/iPhone cord to the console. This also allows you to control the device on the touch screen, and keep your eyes on the prize. A great undistracted workout means better results. Unable to stream video through your iPhone? Simply switch your iPhone to “Airplane” mode under Settings, and both the video and audio should stream just fine.

As you get into your workout, you may feel the urge to slow down, but your phone or iPod never has to! You can also charge your device using the USB port while you work out. Please note this is possible for devices that require 1 amp or less for charging. Simply plug your device into the USB port and watch your device charge as you work your way to a lean and mean fitness machine.

These are just a few new exciting features to check out that will help you use your Vision Fitness exercise equipment to its fullest potential!

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