Shane Munson

Shane Munson

Shane Munson

Athletic Generation X

  • Experienced Fitness Equipment Consultant
  • Highly active person – Cardio & Strength Workouts 5x a Week!
  • Former Wrestler and Soccer Player
  • Personal Training Experience

Typical Workout

My normal workout consist of 30 minutes of cardio followed by resistance training.
Day 1: Back and Biceps
Day 2: Chest Tri’s and Shoulders
Day 3: Legs
Back to day 1….I change up my cardio machine daily.

My workouts now include chasing my two boy toddlers, my most intense daily workout!

Functional training is an extremely important part of my weekly workouts, keeping me strong and balanced in normal life activities while I’m also carrying a toddler or two.

Connect with Shane

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4-5 Days/Week.


60 Minute Workouts.


High Intensity.

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