This time of year can be an intimidating challenge for your fitness routine. You have the potential of hours in the car, travel fatigue, and calorie-laden meals that make physical activity essential. But don’t fret, there are ways of staying active during the holidays while your fitness equipment is back at home.

Planning your on-the-road workouts can be as simple as packing your walking shoes. Hotels are usually very helpful in providing recommendations for popular running and walking routes, allowing you to see more of your chosen destination. If you live in (or traveling to) a warmer climate, renting bicycles for an afternoon of site seeing lets you to leave the car behind and combine fitness and fun. Spending your days in a wonderland of snow? It’s a great time try out a new sport such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, even curling!

You can also get a great workout with little to no equipment. For a self-paced cardio and weight circuit, consider packing a jump rope and exercise band in your suit case. Alternate jumping rope and running or marching in place with resistance activities for a workout that just might let you come home in better shape than when you left.

Overall, planning ahead to build fitness into your schedule will leave you with more energy and fewer travel aches and pains. You’ll enjoy your destination more and hopefully find a little less guilt over the pleasures of dining on the road or indulging in a second piece of pie.

Happy Holidays!

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