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  Horizon Evolve 3 Elliptical Review by Nick Gregory The Horizon Fitness Evolve 3 is great home gym solution for Elliptical Lovers who don’t love the footprint they traditionally come with. It cuts it’s length in half, going from 69″ to 41″ folded. It has a stout 300lb weight capacity, weighing 175lbs assembled. This sturdy […]

  Octane Q35X Elliptical Review by Shane Munson The Octane Q35x is a step up in quality over introductory brands of ellipticals. This is an elliptical for people who actually plan on using their elliptical regularly. This elliptical has a very solid feel to it, it does not feel like you are on a toy. […]

  Octane Q37Xi Elliptical Review by Rocco Lazaris The Octane Q37Xi is one of the most popular cross trainers in the specialty fitness field and for good reason. Fitness professionals like myself always talk about balanced fitness with customers and clients. Something I always like to tell my clients is “I can get you good […]

Long days, better weather and the promise of 5K’s to come,  make early spring an awesome time for running.  Depending on your running goals, the right piece of home fitness equipment can help you to fit in more quality training, avoid injury, or simply add to the enjoyment of your cross training workouts.   If you’re […]