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Question: I’ve recently started a new fitness routine, but my friend has been more reluctant. How do I go about motivating others around me to be active, too? Congratulations on your enthusiasm for sharing your new fitness program! While you’re excited about the benefits of your routine, you’ve already realized that different factors motivate different […]

As a runner, I look forward to fall because it’s race season. I train hard throughout spring and summer so I’ll be in peak condition once autumn rolls around. But that doesn’t mean take it easy all winter. If you’re also a runner – or a cyclist, tennis player or ice hockey player – you may not […]

One of the most frustrating problems that afflicts amateur exercisers and professional athletes alike is the training plateau. This insidious snare can happen at any time and not only stall your progress, but discourage you from continuing to pursue your fitness goals. What is a Training Plateau? When applied to an exercise program, the term […]