Tyler Bastianelli

Tyler Bastianelli, Johnson Fitness & Wellness
Tyler Bastianelli

Tyler Bastianelli

Athletic Millenial
  • Former Collegiate Division 1 Scholar Athlete – Soccer
  • Preferred form of fitness is playing Sports
  • Enjoys Surfing and Skiing
  • Committed to Cardio Exercise 5x a Week
  • Play Soccer 2-3x a Week

Typical Workout

I prefer to do cardio & strength training at lunch time during the work day. For my indoor workouts, I prefer to run a mile on the treadmill (typically the Landice L7 or Matrix T50 with XIR Console) and pause to jump off and do an upper body exercise (chest press, lat pull downs, dips, pull-ups), run another mile and then pause and do another strength exercise, and so on for up to 4 miles. When exercising outside, I prefer to play soccer or do trail running. I live in the city so I do a lot of city runs but its challenging to stay so alert while trying to push myself to run as hard as I can.


5-7 Days/Week.


30-40 Minutes Workouts.


Very High.

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