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Product Review

NordicTrack X22i Treadmill

NordicTrack X22i Treadmill Review by Nathan Person Nordic Track X22i treadmill creates a workout experience like non other. The 22” HD console comes with iFit interactive training workouts to help achieve your goals. iFit workouts are designed and led by personal trainers to help guide you through your workout. Users can also design their own […]

Product Review

Vision T600 Treadmill

Vision T600 Treadmill Review by Trent Potts The Vision T600 is the perfect treadmill for someone who wants to put a lot of running miles in every week. Built with a commercial frame and motor, this treadmill will boast a club level experience without the commercial price point. Technology is king in 2020, but that […]


Choosing the right fitness equipment

Choosing the right piece of home fitness equipment—whether that’s a treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike—depends on what you wish to accomplish from your home training sessions. As you set up your training plan, here are a few things you might want to consider: Treadmill: Providing a natural workout (as simple as heading out for a walk!), […]

Lubricate Treadmill


Treadmills – To Lubricate Or Not To Lubricate?

Ensure Maximum Life Of Your Treadmill With Lubrication Proper maintenance for your treadmill, including lubrication, is a must do! Depending on your model, you may sometimes have to lubricate the running deck with paraffin wax. The reason for applying wax to the running deck is so the running belt moves smoothly over the deck surface. […]