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NordicTrack X22i Treadmill Review

by Nathan Person
Nordic Track X22i treadmill creates a workout experience like non other. The 22” HD console comes with iFit interactive training workouts to help achieve your goals. iFit workouts are designed and led by personal trainers to help guide you through your workout. Users can also design their own Google Street View run and virtually run anywhere in the world. iFit is a subscription service included for the first year with purchase and can be renewed after your year of ownership. The subscription is not needed to use the treadmill. They do have a manual mode as well. The unit comes with many features other than the interactive console. The unit boosts a huge range of incline and decline compared to your normal treadmill. The X22i goes from -6% decline to a full 40% incline. The various incline and decline settings allow users to simulate more of an outdoor run by working your muscles in multiple ways. Incline training is ideal for weight loss as well. When you walk or run at an incline, you can burn calories up to 5x as fast. The low impact cushioning will help protect your joints while you are using it. The treadmill comes with other things such as dual fans to keep you cool, Bluetooth audio to keep you entertained, heart rate controlled programming, and Push Bars and Sled Grips to help push your workout to the next level. The Nordic Track X22i is a great treadmill for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Users just getting back into fitness can have personal trainers at their fingertips to help guide them to their goals. The experienced user gets a sturdy, well built machine to hold up for heavy usage. No matter your level of fitness, this unit has something for everyone.

NordicTrack X22i Treadmill








Console Technology





  • Interactive Console
  • Low Impact Cushioning
  • Large Incline Range
  • Trainer Led Programs
  • 1 Year iFit Included


  • Warranty
  • No option for BlueTooth headphones