Consider deck cushioning when looking to purchase a quality treadmill

You need the right amount of support when you walk, jog or run, especially if you have sensitive knees and joints. This makes cushioning and deck support one of the most important features of a treadmill. By design, it’s common for treadmills to offer superior cushion and shock absorption to running on concrete or asphalt. The treadmill’s cushioning system can range from one, very simple area of cushioning to multiple cushioning zones. Many Horizon Fitness treadmills, including the award-winning T101, feature a variable cushioning system made up of elastomers between the belt and frame with varying densities to create different levels of support and cushioning throughout the deck. This feature is designed to work the way your body does and mimics that of a running shoe. A well-cushioned impact zone in the front provides maximum cushioning to absorb the initial strike of your foot, similar to that of the padded heel of a running shoe. In the middle of the deck, a moderately cushioned transition zone provides comfort with stability as you move through your stride. Finally, the back of the deck is fitted with a firmly cushioned push-off zone to achieve maximum momentum into your next stride. More zones and thicker cushioning provide more support for each part of your stride, and faster recovery between workouts. It’s a great idea to go to a store near you, if you can, to take the treadmill for a little test drive. For folding treadmills, lift the deck into the storage position to inspect the elastomers for yourself and see if and how they differ from the front of the machine to the back of the machine. Find a Horizon Fitness dealer near you.