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Octane Q37Xi Elliptical

Octane Q37Xi Elliptical
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Octane Q37Xi Elliptical console
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Octane Q37Xi Elliptical Review

by Rocco Lazaris
The Octane Q37Xi is one of the most popular cross trainers in the specialty fitness field and for good reason. Fitness professionals like myself always talk about balanced fitness with customers and clients. Something I always like to tell my clients is “I can get you good results with cardio training. I can get you good results with strength training. I can get you great results if we do both.” The Q37Xi offers the perfect blend of cardio and strength features for increased results. The unique ergonomics allows the user to use the long multi-grip arms and handles to drive the motion by using their upper body which is an advantage over your typical arm movement. The inward converging motion of the moving arms also makes for a very natural angle and engages the the users core muscles. Users can take that core activation to the next level if they get the Octane Cross Circuit Kit added to the unit. The kit includes additional resistance bands and side platforms for the user to place their feet so they can isolate to just upper body only for a more intense core workout. Overall the Q37Xi is one of the best elliptical options in the mid-range price category. With it’s small appearance, low step up pedals, and great feel it’s a great option for any home exerciser.

Octane Q37Xi Elliptical




Safety Features




Console Technology





  • Low Step Up Height
  • Multi Grip Handles
  • Optional Cross Circuit Kit
  • Converging Arm Movement
  • Natural Movement


  • Operates on tracks with wheels
  • Wheel tracks need to be cleaned regularly
  • Cross Circuit Kit is not included