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Echelon Reflect 50″ Touch Mirror

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Echelon Reflect 50 Weight Workout
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Echelon Reflect 50″ Touch Mirror Review

by Paul Maggiotto
Overall the Echelon Reflect does a good job of incorporating the in home personal trainer aspect without having one physically be there. Like the other Echelon product lines it works in conjunction with their Echelon Fit app, which is available in monthly or yearly plans. The best part of this is if you own multiple Echelon pieces, you will only need one subscription purchase, as you will be able to use your login for each piece. At this time Echelon has limited availability of classes and courses, however they are continually adding. One limited factor is the live one on one aspect. To date it is not currently active, however they are currently working on it to be able to purchase a one on one live personal trainer. The system is very intuitive and easy for anyone to get started. You can cycle through the multiple live daily classes or search ahead on the calendar to an upcoming one that may be best suited for you. If you are unable to get to use one of the live classes, you can still browse through their on demand class variations as well. The Reflect is designed with all levels from beginner to advanced. Being a mirror you can follow along with the instructors and see yourself making sure you have the proper form while doing the exercises. If you purchase the unit through Johnson Fitness and Wellness your warranty will be boosted automatically from 1 year on parts and labor to 2 years on parts and labor. Overall the unit is a solid design to be placed along with other fitness equipment.

Echelon Reflect 50" Touch Mirror













  • Interactive Class Features
  • Multiple instructors to choose from
  • Upgraded Warranty if purchased through Johnson Fitness and Wellness
  • One subscription for all Echelon products


  • Screen may be a bit dark in well lit areas