Exercise at Work

Even if you’re getting in regular workouts, there are a lot of reasons to build more fitness into your day and yes, exercise at work. Research is demonstrating that spending your day sitting may undo some of the good from your daily workout and if you’re struggling to fit in your workouts, building in a little fitness at work can pay off by increasing calorie burn, strength, and flexibility. Ready to give it a try? Here are a few suggestions. Before starting. Be sensitive to your place of employment’s tolerance for sweating in the workplace when deciding on the intensity of your workout. However, with co-worker and management support, you can greatly benefit from these strength training breaks in your workday and maybe even inspire others to join you along the way, too. Strength training. Push-ups, squats, lunges, chair dips, and planks are just a few of the body weight exercises you can do at work by grabbing an empty bit of space. Keep a resistance band in your desk to add in rows, bicep curls, and weighted squats. If time is short, you can target one or two muscle groups at a time, such as alternating a wall squat (holding yourself in a seated position on a wall for 60-90 seconds) with tricep dips on a chair. Cardio Boosts. Regular cardiovascular exercise during your day can lead to a healthier heart and metabolism, as well as increase your energy. You can work in walking, jogging, or jumping rope over your breaks, or focus on cardio boosts during your regular office activities. Try scheduling walking meetings rather than sitting whenever possible. Other common solutions are to take the stairs, walk or stand when taking a phone call, and deliver memos and messages in person, rather than emailing or leaving a voice mail. Stretch and Reset. Spending the day sitting in your chair can lead to some pretty uncomfortable muscle imbalances. Try shifting your posture to include a hip opener by placing your ankle on top of your thigh while you are in a seated position at your desk. Let your top knee fall open, forming a triangle between the two legs. You can alternate this position throughout your day. Office chairs are also a great for a twisting chest and shoulder opener. While seated, reach across your body and take hold of the arm or back of your chair with that hand. Deepen the movement by twisting through your middle back and breathing deeply. This is great for the shoulders, back, and digestive system. You can also build in standing stretches during phone calls. Stretch your calves by stepping one foot back 2-3 feet and pressing down the heel. Challenge your balance while stretching your quadriceps and psoas by standing on one leg and taking hold of the top of your foot while pressing your knee down and towards the knee of your standing leg. For more exercise at work ideas, check out this link from Greatist.com. Fitness at work can range from a full lunch hour workout to simple stretching breaks during your phone calls. Whichever approach you choose, you’ll undo the negative health effects of spending your day sitting at your desk and gain both energy and fitness in the process.