Harness Psychology To Beat Motivational Struggles

Harness Psychology To Beat Motivational Struggles
Do you find that you’re super motivated to exercise and eat well for a few days, only to have your motivation fizzle out once reality sets in? That’s because willpower is a limited resource. The key to staying motivated for the long-term is to build healthy habits and systems that force you to stay on track so you don’t need to rely on willpower. It’s the equivalent of putting your bills on auto-pay. Truly successful people don’t rely on willpower. They’ve found other ways to hold themselves accountable when willpower dries up, because let’s face it, it will! It does for everyone. This fact doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. The latest behavioral science has discovered what really motivates us and some tactics to unlock this motivation. Stop working against human nature and start harnessing it to be successful.

Here are 4 apps that will help you to stop relying on willpower and start transforming your life.

Stikk |

The basic premise: Pick a goal and set the stakes. If you break the contract, you pay. Why it works: Loss aversion is one of the most powerful motivators. The idea of working out so you can be healthier in the future is too abstract of a goal. This app makes the risk of not working out more tangible. |

The basic premise: Expert coaches give you 24/7 support. Plus you get easy tracking and access to a community of users. Why it works: You’re less likely to bail on a workout if someone is expecting you to complete it. And a virtual coach is less expensive, requires less time and can be there for you in a pinch via text message.

Dietbet |

The basic premise: Set a goal with friends and family, donate money to a pot and win big if you reach your goal. Why it works: Competition and the prospect of winning are hugely motivational. Plus, everyone is watching and will rub it in your face if you miss a workout, bringing them closer to winning the money pot.

Zombies, Run |

The basic premise: Interactive games motivate you to run faster to beat out zombies and collect supplies for the zombie apocalypse. Why it works: Games are highly addictive. The variety and progression of the missions are virtually endless, you’ll be swept up in the game and not focused on the pain of exercising. Remember, it’s important to devise a system ahead of time so you don’t have to pull yourself out of a slump next time you’re not feeling motivated. Experiment with these four apps, find a system that hooks you, and you may never struggle with willpower again. (Lastly, if you’re looking for a fitness tracker, checkout ViaFit. It syncs with many popular health and fitness apps you might already be using, like myfitnesspal and Nike+ and is compatible with many cardio machines.)