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Home Equipment Choices

Home Fitness Equipment ChoicesThere is a dizzying array of home fitness equipment on the market. That’s the good news. The bad news is that you get what you pay for. If you are in the market for fitness equipment for the home, look for equipment that is durable and can be counted on for continued service throughout the years. In other words, there is a world of difference between and “home gym” that you see on TV and one that you can actually try at a local fitness equipment store. Same thing goes for “cardio” equipment. A cheap treadmill might be just that—cheap! So don’t throw good money after bad. Spend a few dollars more and purchase equipment that is “substantial”, durable and, if possible, “state of the art” in terms of measurement, programmability and accuracy. It is possible to put together a well-equipped home fitness center in less than 100 square feet consisting of a multi-station strength training machine, a small
set of dumbbells and a “cardio” device such as a treadmill, bike or elliptical trainer. Of course, the factors that will determine your home equipment choice will depend upon your budget, your fitness goals, your available space and your equipment preference (Ex: treadmill versus stationary bike versus elliptical trainer or barbells versus selectorized home gyms). If space is an issue, some pieces of home equipment are “stowable” and can easily be stored out of sight. And one of the best pieces of equipment that one can buy may be the least expensive—a heart rate monitor! Of course, many home “cardio” devices are already equipped with heart rate monitors and, if not, there are many small portable heart rate monitoring devices that can be worn on the chest, wrist or even the finger to help keep tabs on workout intensity (i.e. heart rate). Another simple yet surprisingly effective monitoring device is a pedometer (an automatic step counter) that helps keeps track of the number of steps or strides that are taken when running or, more commonly, when walking. Walking and counting steps is a great way to ease into a personal fitness program and gradually increase workload as fitness improves. Whatever equipment you choose, just get started and get moving. It’ll be the best investment that you ever made because “Exercise IS Medicine”! Good luck with your program. I KNOW you can do it!