Horizon Elite Bikes

Exercise bikes are a great addition to your fitness routine and can be used as a form of cross training, to help recover from an injury, or simply a low-impact, yet high-performance way to burn calories. There are three main types of exercise bikes, all of which can be found in the new Horizon Elite bike lineup from Horizon Fitness. Let’s take a closer look: Upright Bikes. The Horizon Elite U7 upright exercise bike features a heavy-duty frame that will ensure a stable workout, no matter how intense your ride. You will also find a magnetic resistance braking system that will give you a smooth, quiet pedal stroke. Additional features include an adjustable seat, ViaFit connectivity to help you simplify your workout tracking and a Polar® wireless receiver to keep track of your fitness level. If you are interested in more ideas of how to incorporate an exercise bike into your fitness routine, we recommend reading Cross Training at Home. Recumbent Bikes. If you are a committed athlete looking for a no-impact form of exercise, recovering from an injury or have limited mobility, or you need a simple way to get started on your fitness goals, there are a lot of reasons to choose a recumbent bike. The Horizon Elite R7 recumbent cycle has a step-through frame that is accessible to a wide range of riders, plus a mesh seat back for a more comfortable ride. The movement of a recumbent bike is slightly different than an upright bicycle, however, so we suggest reading up these different styles (Related: Benefits of a Recumbent Bike) and/or trying out this style of exercise bike before purchasing.  
  Indoor Cycles. Interested in feeling like you are on the open road? Look no further than the Horizon Elite IC7 indoor cycle. The Elite IC7 is highly adjustable, giving you the freedom to position the seat, pedals and handlebars just how you want them. It also comes with a small LCD display that will help you keep track of your time, distance, heart rate, speed and more. Interested in more information? Visit the Horizon Fitness website or read more articles in the Horizon Fitness Community, including Running vs. Cycling.