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Inspire M2 Multi Gym Review

by Bob Cooke
The Inspire Fitness M2 Home Gym provides versatility and ease of use within a very compact footprint. All adjustments are very easy to perform and the motion is super smooth. The M2 is very well constructed. The cables are commercially rated making them very durable. The wide grooved pulleys provide an incredibly smooth motion and eliminates the worry of the cables slipping (a common problem on many home gyms). The M2 is also backed with a LIFETIME in home frame and parts warranty. The best feature on the M2 is its versatility. The press arm allows for chest, back and shoulder exercises to be performed. The high pulley allows users to practice back and arm routines. The middle pulley provides the ability to do core and arm workouts. The low pulley allows the user to perform leg extension and leg curl exercises. The side pulley will allow the user to do multiple arm, shoulder, leg and back workouts. The D Straps on the press arm will also allow for pec fly exercises to be performed in addition to having the ability to simulate a free weight bench press. The Inspire M2 will come with a lat bar attachment, a curl bar attachment, an ankle strap, 2 D Handles and a workout poster. It comes with a standard 160lbs weight stack with the option to add an additional 50lbs weight stack, if you so choose. A leg press option is also available. The workout poster will provide an overview of the basic workouts that can be performed on your M2 but the amount of workouts that can be done on this home gym are only limited by your imagination. In addition to the workout poster, Inspire Fitness offers a free app in the app store (Inspire Fitness) which not only allows you to set up a workout program but to also set up a workout program geared specifically around your Inspire M2. I recommend the Inspire Fitness M2 for users of all experience levels. The design makes it very user friendly and safe to operate. When considering the quality, versatility and durability of the M2 I have yet to find another home gym on the market which offers so much at this price point.

Inspire Fitness M2 Multi Gym




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  • Versatile
  • Easy to Use
  • Compact
  • Very Smooth


  • Requires 6'7" Ceiling Height