Stay Motivated while Working Out at Home

Nothing beats the convenience of working out at home. No commuting, no heavy gym bags, and no crowded locker rooms. Unfortunately, even committed athletes can find themselves struggling to get started when there’s no one keeping score. Need a few tips to maintain your motivation? Give these a try!

Create a Space:

While it’s convenient to work out in your living room or office, look out for distractions that can decrease the quality of your workout. This might mean taking a few minutes to clean up the space where you’ll work out or heading to your bedroom where you can shut the door. Wherever you set up your space, take a look around to make sure the space is cleared of safety hazards and distractions and then get started. You might find it helpful to keep track of the beginning and end of your workout using a timer (either on your cell phone or a fitness tracker) or by following a playlist, which is why you’ll want to…

Turn up the Music:

We’ve known it for years what a good playlist can do for a workout, but research backs up the motivating factor. Turning up the tunes can make your workout feel easier and go by more quickly. The best music choices are personal. The better you know your playlist, the easier your workout will feel. So create a playlist, turn it up, and don’t be afraid to sing along.

Let Technology Be Your Friend:

There’s no end to the ways that fitness apps can help you to keep track of your diet and exercise, but one of the best is by providing a virtual community. Find a friend or family member with similar goals and help each other stay motivated by joining each other’s networks. ViaFit connectivity, available on many pieces of Horizon Fitness Equipment, is one easy way to do this. Your home exercise equipment will directly upload your workouts for you and will even import data from other popular programs and devices, such as FitBit. You can use the ViaFit app to set a goal or track your progress with a supportive community of like-minded people cheering you on.

Reward Yourself:

Keeping track of your workouts is rewarding. Whether you mark it on a calendar or upload it to an app, seeing your successes laid out in front of you can make sticking to your workouts a lot easier. To keep that motivation up, establish rewards for yourself as you meet your workout goals. Whether you’re looking to run a faster mile, or just hit three workouts each week, you can treat yourself to new gear, a long bath, or a night at the movies when you meet your goals. If you’d like to up the stakes, try joining a competitive on-line community such as or the app Pact. These communities allow you to sign a contract of meeting your goal and even give you the option of funding your success by paying or receiving money based on sticking to your plan. Whichever tool(s) you use, stay flexible as you establish your home exercise program. There might be days your workout doesn’t happen or that you cut your intended workout short. Keep your eyes on your long term goals and enjoy the convenience and flexibility of your home fitness program. About the writer: Joli Guenther is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and clinical social worker practicing in and around Madison, Wisconsin. Learn more about Joli.