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Ask an Expert: Motivating Others

Question: I’ve recently started a new fitness routine, but my friend has been more reluctant. How do I go about motivating others around me to be active, too? Congratulations on your enthusiasm for sharing your new fitness program! While you’re excited about the benefits of your routine, you’ve already realized that different factors motivate different […]


Technology to Inspire Your Workout Routines

Stuck in a workout rut? Don’t panic. Everyone has been at one time or another. If you are wondering where to start, why not let technology give you a hand? Try a few of these tips to give your workout routines a new life: Recruit a Buddy. Whether you meet up in person or use an […]


Partner Workouts

Everyone needs a boost of motivation and accountability every now and then when it comes to working out, so why not plan an entire workout around working out with a pal? There are limitless activities you can do together (depending on the season, of course) so call a friend, lace up your shoes and have some fun with […]