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Partner Workouts

Everyone needs a boost of motivation and accountability every now and then when it comes to working out, so why not plan an entire workout around working out with a pal? There are limitless activities you can do together (depending on the season, of course) so call a friend, lace up your shoes and have some fun with these three partner workouts from our With a Little Help From a Friend board on Pinterest. Try something new. Have you been seeing advertisements for the new rock climbing club in town? Is a local studio providing free dance classes? Trying out a new exercise can be slightly daunting if you’ve never done anything like it before–but what better time to conquer a new adventure than with a friendly face by your side? Odds are you’ll end up enjoying the “daunting” exercise, even if it’s outside of your comfort zone. And if your dance moves are less than perfect? Laugher is a great exercise, too! This article has some great couples workout ideas to get you started. Mixing it up. You do not need to have a lot of extra equipment or space when working out with a friend–just a little creativity! Our friends at Greatist have put together a list of 35 Kick-Ass Partner Exercises that incorporate items like resistant bands, kettle bells, medicine balls and basic bodyweight exercises that will keep your heart rate up and mind engaged. And exercises like the wheelbarrow push-ups and high-five pushups will bring you back to your middle school PE class days.  
  Four-Legged Friends. Partner workouts can apply to more than just people! If you have an active dog at home, he/she would probably love to get out and about with you as well. If running or walking with your pup is new to either of you, be sure to read these general safety tips before heading out the front door. A classic run/walk interval or fetch/chase game is great for general exercise, but this article has additional ways to have fun with your dog. Agility course, anyone? If you are looking for ideas for partner workouts, be sure to check out the Horizon Fitness With a Little Help From a Friend board on Pinterest.