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Technology to Inspire Your Workout Routines

Stuck in a workout rut? Don’t panic. Everyone has been at one time or another. If you are wondering where to start, why not let technology give you a hand? Try a few of these tips to give your workout routines a new life: Recruit a Buddy. Whether you meet up in person or use an online application, working out with a partner increases your accountability. Free applications (like ViaFit) have made this easier than ever by incorporating online fitness tracking software that links with many other fitness apps (just in case you and your buddy use different devices) allowing you to effortlessly upload your home workouts, set goals, and motivate each other. Having trouble finding the right workout partner? Many apps can help you with this as well by creating on-line communities with common goals and challenges. Set a New Goal. If you’re not feeling motivated to train for a race or event this spring, fitness apps and devices can help you set a goal that’s customized to what you do want to achieve. Tracking steps, increasing your total time spent exercising, or accomplishing a set number of workouts are all manageable goals that can be tracked through popular apps. Seeing your workouts on your home screen and receiving congratulatory messages through your smart phone can go a long way towards motivating you to stay active and step up your training this spring. Customize your software’s goal setting feature to set your unique challenge.
  Try a New Gadget. From smartphone apps to GPS enabled wrist watches, fitness devices can be found in every price range and can inspire you to go further, run faster, and try new experiences.  Breathe new life into your spring training by familiarizing yourself with a new app or device and maximizing its benefits through customizing the settings to your profile. Incorporating a device that includes heart rate tracking can also be a motivating way to monitor your progress in a new activity and to track the calorie burn improved performance that accompanies your workouts.  You can also use your device to track your activity level as you run your way through your Saturday errands, add in a walk after work, and take the kids to the playground. You’ll find your motivation and your fitness increasing just by getting more daily activity. Create a New Playlist. No discussion of technology and exercise would be complete without considering the motivating impact of music. You can create custom playlists through online tools (such as Spotify) or access playlists that others have uploaded. Ready to get started? Web MD has a great article on customizing workout approaches to meet individual needs. Take the time to give it a read, then get moving! -Joli About the writer: Joli Guenther is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and clinical social worker practicing in and around Madison, Wisconsin. Learn more on the Meet Our Writers page.