12 Days of Fitness Tracking with ViaFit

ViaFit (exclusive wireless connectivity found on select Horizon Fitness and Vision Fitness products) enables your equipment to share your workout data with your favorite fitness apps and other tracking devices like FitBit, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and more. With ViaFit, you’ll never have to manually enter your workouts anywhere because your equipment will do it for you. How easy is that? Simply visit to connect your equipment, manually track your efforts and set a goal. Your workouts will never be the same. Keep an eye on the Horizon Fitness Facebook page December 12 – December 23 for the 12 Days of Fitness Tracking feature. You’ll learn a new fitness tracking tip everyday! We will be sure to post the full report here after the holidays as well, incase you miss a day. Day 1: Don’t let busy holiday schedules ambush your healthy intentions. Set a modest, achievable goal that will help you ring in a healthy New Year. With ViaFit, you can identify simple goals, such as the number of workouts you’ll do before December 31st, keeping you on track for 2015. Day 2: Be honest when entering your personal information into ViaFit and other fitness apps. Providing accurate information will provide you with more accurate data on your calorie burn and training impact, as well as get a better view of your progress over time. Day 3: Consistency is key to making healthy changes. While your December schedule might be full, ViaFit lets you fit tracking seamlessly into your lifestyle. Enter your regular holiday activities, such as shopping, shoveling, and caroling, to demonstrate you’re consistently staying active, even when you struggle to fit in your workouts. Day 4: Find a way to identify your successes! We all benefit from knowing we’ve done a good job. Using ViaFit or a journal to show a pattern of success can be incredibly motivating on the days that you can’t (or just don’t want to) stick to your workout plan. Day 5: If you’re working on a major change in your weight or fitness level, set smaller goals along the way! This will make it easier to identify milestones along the way that you can use to mark your progress and reward yourself! Day 6: The best fitness tracker is one where you are in control of your data. Technology like ViaFit lets you choose to be a part of a larger fitness community or social network…or keeps your information private. YOU share the amount that is right for you. Day 7: When you are ready to push your fitness level further, understanding your past performance is essential. If your goal is to run or cycle faster in 2015, start tracking your performance now so you can view your history and build your future training program on your current performance. Day 8: Hard work needs to be rewarded! Choose rewards in advance such as a night at the movies, bath products for post-workout recovery, or new workout gear. With ViaFit, you can stay motivated by setting goals and easily reviewing your performance and consistency. Day 9: Don’t let one bad day throw you. Progress happens based on a pattern of decisions and is not undone by a single event. Track your nutritional choices and workouts so that your history of good choices can keep you motivated on tough days. Day 10: Don’t underestimate the importance of a good nights sleep. Increased activity = increased need for recovery. Try including your sleep data in your tracking software and notice how your performance improves when you’re well rested. Day 11: Find a group of friends with similar goals. With ViaFit, you can motivate each other in real life and take advantage of virtual technology to see each other’s progress. Knowing your best friend just finished up her workout can truly drive you to stick to your next training session. Day 12: Consistency wins over occasional bursts of ambition. Try to do something each day that will take you closer towards your goal. You can track your successes seamlessly through the many apps that integrate with ViaFit, or use your Horizon Fitness equipment and let the workout data take care of itself. Happy holidays–and fitness tracking! -Horizon Fitness Staff