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Matrix A50 Ascent Trainer with XIR Console

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Matrix A50 Ascent Trainer with XIR Console Review

by Martha Richardson
The Matrix A50 Ascent Trainer is a step above an elliptical. The incline allows for total lower body engagement, not just quad engagement like most ellipticals. It also has a very natural motion that does not hurt the knees. Some of the 1st generation ellipticals are tough on the knees; not the Matrix Ascent Trainer. The adjustable incline also allows for variety; you will never out grow this unit. Many of the best features of the Matrix A50 are found in the console. Virtual Active routes that change as your pace does. Netflix! Need I say more!? I get so involved in the show, that I don’t realize I am exercising. And Sprint 8 with Coach Phil. I love this workout! The ease of use of the console is light years ahead of any other brand out there; it’s like navigating my smart phone. The only thing I would improve is the ability to get into Netflix when not having to move (not a big deal) other than that, there is not much room for improvement. Your primary piece of cardio exercise should be a weight bearing unit (one where you are standing up) and the Matrix Ascent Trainer is the best unit for a high percentage of people. It is good for people just getting started, people with joint or back issues and also for the serious exerciser. If you can only have one unit, the Matrix Ascent Trainer should be the one. Reviewed by Fitness Equipment Expert, Martha Richardson I hope this helps when finding the perfect product for you. Enjoy your workouts, and good luck reaching your fitness goals!

Matrix A50 Ascent Trainer with XIR Console








Console Technology





  • Great motion, feels natural
  • Easy on the joints, won't hurt your knees
  • Best console out there
  • Sprint 8 with Coach Phil Campbell
  • Netflix


  • You need to be moving to get into the apps