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Matrix E30 Elliptical with XIR Console Review

by Shane Munson
The E30 elliptical by Matrix is where upscale ellipticals begin. There are three main reasons that separate the E30 from introductory level ellipticals; Engineering, feel and features. The superb feel of the elliptical comes from the engineering. The E30 is a suspension elliptical, meaning that there is no “wheel and track” system like traditional ellipticals. Traditional ellipticals rely on wheels underneath the users feet that roll on track. They are noisier and create friction for the user. The E30’s suspension design is virtually silent and friction free. IT is a much more enjoyable experience to work out this way. The E30 also uses the latest components for the magnetic resistance system, providing smooth transitions through the levels. The E30’s design is one of the safest out there. With rear entry, there is no need to step over the elliptical. It has one of the lowest step up heights in the industry, rails on both sides, and at over 280 lbs this elliptical is not rocking side to side! For features, Matrix realizes that we all have different needs, so they created three console options to choose from. The XR console is the most basic. Very easy to use with the right amount of workouts for cardio, toning and fat burning. The XER and XIR consoles are High Def flat screens. These are as easy to use as your smart phone. They come with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Virtual Active courses from all over the world and social media built right in. The XIR screen is larger with better speakers, has internet capabilities and is Bluetooth as well. All three consoles come with the Sprint 8 HIIT workout built right in! You can burn some serious fat in just 20 mins, three days a week. The Matrix E30 really is one of the most value packed ellipticals I have ever sold. This elliptical is made for active people that need a good piece of equipment without going into the super premium cost level. You will get many years of use out of it, and feel great while doing it!

Matrix E30 Elliptical with XIR Console




Safety Features




Console Technology





  • Compact yet heavy
  • Virtually Silent
  • Extremely Smooth
  • Fantastic Console
  • Rear entry


  • Fits most people but maybe not the very tall