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Matrix T75 Treadmill with XIR Console Review

by J Fitzmaurice
The Matrix T75 Treadmill gives you a superior running experience without the stress on your joints. It’s Ultimate Deck System uses industrial grade cushions to absorb your impact with each foot strike. The heavy duty frame that the treadmill is built on allows even the hardest and heaviest of footplants to land gracefully without worrying about the treadmills structural integrity. Most treadmills have a 20″ wide running surface which is sufficient although it is nice to have a 22″ wide running surface that the T75 offers. This allows for drifting from side to side which tends to happen in long distance workouts. It is nice to have the wider surface for lateral training such as side steps.The powerful AC motor pushes your foot through with ease at low and top speeds so you will not have to worry about a motor that can’t keep up with you. Enjoy working out through preset destinations and have your incline change as you are climbing a hill or jump into your 20 minute high intensity Sprint 8 interval course. You can be in your program while watching your favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu on the 16″ XIR Touchscreen. The intuitive display offers an array of readouts that you can choose to have displayed. Even tap the screen between 2 speeds and elevations that you can preset during your workout.

Matrix T75 Treadmill with XIR Console




Safety Features




Console Technology





  • Very Quiet
  • Wide Running Surface
  • Sprint8 and Virtual Active Programming
  • AC Motor with responsive operation
  • Superior Cushioning System


  • 12% Elevation