Selecting a Resolution That Will Stick

Question: I just invested in my first piece of home fitness equipment and really want to make a healthy start for the new year. Do you have any advice on setting a New Year’s resolution that will actually stick? First of all, congratulations on committing to a healthy new lifestyle–no matter the time of year! Whether your goal is to lose weight, get healthy, or hit a PR in your next road race, New Year’s resolutions can help you get there. There are, however, a few easy tips to helping them stick. Start by making a specific, realistic and time sensitive resolution such as breaking down a large weight loss into smaller monthly goals or sticking to three workouts per week. Once you establish your plan, develop a system of accountability, such as a journal, training log, or fitness app (including the ViaFit capabilities of many Horizon Fitness products.) This can help you to set your goals, break them down into attainable milestones, and easily upload workouts to demonstrate your progress over time.  
(Via) Creating a record of your successes now will help keep you on track when your schedule gets challenging. Enlisting support, such as developing a social network, can also help to drive you to stick to your training plan. Finally, find ways to celebrate and recognize your successes along the way, such as rewarding yourself every few weeks or once a month when you reach your markers of success. Best of luck in making this year your healthiest year ever!