Spring Workout Roundup

The changing of seasons can mean different things to different people depending on what part of the country you call home, but it’s a good chance for everyone to pause and refocus their energy on the fitness goals that are important to them. This can mean learning to run, improving a 5K race time, motivating loved ones, or simply just get up and move more. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite articles to help you take a fresh perspective on your spring workouts: If your fitness slightly stalled in the winter months, check out the Reaching a Fitness Plateau article to learn more about the little switches you can make to effect your day-to-day health and happiness. Everyone is on their own fitness journey, so it’s important to remember that if you have a loved one that isn’t progressing at the same rate you are (or want them to be.) A recent “Ask an Expert” article focused on what to remember when trying to Motivate Others. New to running? Coach Jenny Hadfield shares some of her expertise for How to Start Running. Planning on running a 5K with a pal this spring? Read more about What to Do the Night Before a 5K Race to help you prepare. Jumping into (or out of) a workout isn’t the best approach. Instead, learn a few Warm Up and Cool Down Basics to help you exercise for efficiently and effectively. Nothing screams spring like a good ol’ fashioned road trip! But eating healthy along the way can be tricky. We have a few suggestions on Healthy Road trip Snacks to keep your fueled on your awesome adventures.
  Rewarding yourself with some new gear is a great idea! And keeping them smelling fresh? An even better idea. Read more about the Best Way to Wash Workout Clothes. Whether you’re exercising in darkness or sunlight, with a friend or alone, it’s wise to invest in pieces of essential safety gear that will keep you safe for miles to come. Here are a few suggestions on essential Safety Gear for Runners Warmer seasons come with longer days and more frequent outdoor exercise activity. Take a look at the signs and symptoms of heat illness and how to Exercise Safely in the Heat. Interested in more articles? Visit the Horizon Fitness Community homepage.