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The Mirror Review

by Rocco Lazaris
If you’re in a situation like most people these days your very possibly staying home from the gym. The Mirror offers you a new exciting way to bring the group fitness class from the gym safely into your home. You’re able to experience a real fitness instructor and the energy of a group just like you would at the gym. As a fitness professional one of the benefits of working with me during a workout session is having someone to help with proper form and technique. The Mirror has a very easy and fun way way to offer just that. You’re able to watch yourself and the instructor at the same time to help make sure you have good form and are being safe. This feature is a nice advantage over traditional home workout machines. Once you’re able to experience the Mirror for yourself you’ll clearly see it has an incredible advantage beyond just a instructor in your home. While selling home exercise equipment over the past 15 years I can tell you first hand one of the biggest issues a customer will have with home equipment is it’s SIZE. Customers always seem to have to stress about where their equipment will go and how much of a hassle it might be to move around. The Mirror takes up virtually no space at all. It takes up as much space as a…you guessed it, a mirror. Overall I find the Mirror a very fun and different way to train. With the ability to join friends for a class from the comfort of your own home, easily track your progress, and always having new variety the Mirror is a great option during these challenging times. It’s simply one of the easiest ways to bring the cardio and strength training experience into your home.

The Mirror













  • Cool Factor
  • Fun & Different
  • Safely Workout from Home
  • Variety of workouts


  • Very Fragile
  • Not a strong warranty