Ask an Expert: Staying Motivated

At the beginning of every year I hit the ground running, only to struggle with my workouts a few weeks later. Do you have any tips on staying motivated through the winter? -Meghan Congratulations on your strong start for the year! To keep your fitness efforts strong this winter (and continue rolling throughout the year) there are a few small changes you can make for a big impact on your day-to-day motivation.
  • A great place to start is by setting goals and scheduling reminders. What do you want to accomplish today, this week, this month? By scheduling your workouts, you make them an important part of your day.
  • Post encouraging notes where you’ll see them every day. Need a little inspiration?
  • Use fitness apps to set your goals and increase accountability. ViaFit (available on Horizon Fitness products) is a great technology that links your fitness equipment to popular fitness apps and trackers so you’ll never have to enter workout data.
  • Personal training and small group training can be another great way to hold yourself accountable and get some guidance and motivation. You can read more about the benefits of each type in this article.
  • Be flexible when you need to be. Miss your window of opportunity to do your workout in outside? Have a few indoor workouts handy when the daylight is in short supply and temperatures plummet.
  • Invest in the right layers to keep you comfortable on the days that the weather cooperates so that you can enjoy the mental lift that comes from time outdoors. If you enjoy running, snow shoeing, or skiing, schedule events or races throughout the winter to keep you motivated and in shape.
  • Finally, remember that everyone has an off day. If your schedule or the weather keeps you from finishing a planned workout, do what you can and hit it again tomorrow. Don’t let a minor setback throw you off track and away from your goal.
  Keep up the great work and you’ll be well on your way to staying motivated no matter the season! About the writer: Joli Guenther is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and clinical social worker practicing in and around Madison, Wisconsin. Learn more on the Meet Our Writers page.